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Hi and welcome to Klassi Kritters.  We live in beautiful Colorado close to the gorgeous mountains.  Great places to take dogs!  I have pet training, rescue, Assistance Dogs, Therapy Certification and Service Dog Certification services. Animals are my life and love.  Life has really gone to the dogs here at Klassi Kritters. From a very young age I was in a life long love affair with the big red dog.  Sarah came into my life in 1980 and was a wonderful first Irish Setter.  Coming from a puppy mill, Sarah was not the outgoing friendly Irish to strangers that I love about the breed.  Sarah and I  began obedience classes immediately and went all the way.  I learned a lot about life from Sarah and I will never forget her, or the life lessons I learned. Anyone who knew Sarah fell in love with her, she was an extremely sweet, smart, loving dog.  When she died it took me 8 years to get another Irish Setter. Kirah came in 1998 as a young, rambunctious gal in love with life! She was a wonderful addition to the household and thus began the Klassi Kritters.  I have had 4 wonderful Irish Setters in my life with three of them residing with us.

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The Klassi Kritters team.

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