Klassi Kritters

Sandia Klassi Kandiheart CGC, CTD, CSD

Kandi lives up to her name with being the sweetest dog ever.  She loves to show and is an excellent Certified Therapy Dog.  Kandi also received her Certification for Service Dog.  Kandi shows in AKC, UKC and has her International CH.  Kandi loves to work in obedience and does very well.  She has also begun her hunting work and will soon have hunt titles to add to her name. Being on the mellow side, she is an excellent house dog and loves every animal.  She will 'hunt' the squirrel and point it for hours on end. Kandi lives to please and is easily trained.  Never resisting a petting, Kandi is not shy.  She will work with any age group during her Therapy visits.  She does great with the assisted living homes.  

Kandi 6 yrs old May 2009      Sitting Pretty! 



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