Klassi Kritters

KKAD Kando Kandofuryou   OFA Excellent         Elbows Normal              

Kando came to me being the product of a hunt guide dog Dad.  That is what interested me in her to begin with.  I was very lucky to have received her to be my first Service Dog of which I had planned to donate to a worthy individual.  Kando took to the Service Dog training very well and was a natural at it. I decided to keep her and let her produce more Service Dogs. She is a natural hunter and retriever. Kando loves to work and is anxious to get out in the public and show her stuff.  I was really blessed to receive such a terrific Lab.

Kando was bred to Black Jack, a 110# Black Lab.  He also is a natural hunter and retriever.  Kando and Black Jack are both AKC,  OFA X and Elbows Normal. Her first litter she gave me 5 black and 3 yellow puppies.  One male of each color. No Chocolate.  Of that litter, 5 are in Service homes, 2 are in pet homes with children and 1 is training for service.

Kando and Black Jack are expecting their second litter, due May 16, 2009.  Puppies arrived today May 14.  See the Klassi Kritters Coming page for details.

Kando is a Certified Therapy Dog and will be Certified Service this year.  She is the absolute best Lab one could hope for.  Best Lab I have ever owned!

Kando and Black jack



Kando's puppies have begun to leave the nest.  Kando was an excellent mother again.  She did a great job with ten kids to care for.  Each pup was born healthy, fat and sassy and still are.  It will be exciting to watch them grow to be useful kritters in the Service Dog world.  Kando and Black Jack are a terrific pair!  Kando is back to her normal self and looks terrific again. 


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