Klassi Kritters

Windkist Klassi Kirah CGC, CTD, CSD

Klassi Kirah is a one-of-a-kind true Irish Gal.  Kirah has a personality and temperament that will never be matched. She came into my life in 1998 as a very young girl with a lot of love for life.  Headstrong, determined, gets what she wants with a huge sense of humor describes Kirah.We worked very hard with obedience and she did a terrific job.  She loves to show off to any size crowd and show all of her behaviors and tricks. Bomb proof Kirah was my first Certified Therapy Dog and first Certified Service Dog.  Kirah taught the service dog class how a well mannered/behaved dog should act like. She definately was the role model for the class and received her certification easily.  Kirah has been a Certified Therapy Dog for almost 10 years.  Her favorite work is with children.  She shows them what a fun dog is, how to slide, jump through hoops and so much more.  See the video for Kirah in action.  Kirah is also my business partner for the training.  Kirah is the perfect example of a well behaved, well mannered, fun Irish Setter and is truly an ambassador for the breed.  Although she did not receive her AKC CH she did very well in UKC including a Best of Breed and on to Group 2. It was a fun time!  Kirah will always be the CH of my life!    

Kirah 10.5 years of age  December 2008


Klassi Kirah turned 11 years old July 9.  She had a wonderful birthday complete with a trip to Dairy Queen for Ice Cream!  Kirah is always a happy dog wagging her tail all the time.  There will never be a better setter than Kirah!


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