Klassi Kritters

Klassi Kritters Assistance Dogs

A long term desire to help others and a life long passion of training dogs led me to raising, training and donating an Assistance Dog to those who would benefit from such.  Thus began Klassi Kritters Assistance Dogs.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to donating well trained assistance dogs, specializing in dogs for children.  Puppies are raised in puppy-raiser homes where they learn their basics and manners.  During that time period we are matching the puppy to his/her permanent person.  When the puppy is trained and ready to begin it's life as a Service Dog, it is hard on the puppy-raiser families.  It is an extremely rewarding volunteer job that is bittersweet when the puppy/dog goes to it's new person.  It is hard to give the puppy/dog to it's new person while at the same time it is totally worth the hard work and dedication to see the smile on the new person's face receiving the puppy/dog. I am a firm believer in socialization from the very beginning.  Any litter I breed is socialized to the hilt.  Everything imaginable has been introduced to the little tykes, creating a well balanced overall socialized kritter. 

Kaboose and Kengie 3 days old.



It's about Time Litter February 2008


Klassi Kirah, Certified Service Dog and Certified Therapy Dog at the hospital welcoming my Grand-nephew Alexander into the world along with my Mom - Arline - holding Xander.


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