Klassi Kritters

Klassi Kritters Pet Training

Klassi Kritters Pet Training began as a result of a passion for training.  I began training and handling dogs very early in life and have continued for over thirty years. In addition to training as a full time job, I also train private in-home and group classes evenings and weekends.  My spare time is devoted to training Assistance Dogs.  Please see the Assistance Dogs page for more information.  Training is second nature for me and is a passion.  It is not a job.  "Turning the family dog into the family member" is not just my motto. Training makes for a much better pet and a great relationship.            

I am a Certified Pet Trainer, Certified State of Colorado Teacher and  Red Cross Pet First Aid Instructor.

Write or call for dates and location(s) for training.  You may also post and comment on the forums page.  Any questions will be returned to you privately or on the forums page.

Kirah socializing with Isabelle's Lil Precious, about 10 hours old

Precious was a Miniature Dachshund.

Kirah letting the babies nurse and loving her.     May 2009 


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