Klassi Kritters

Puppies take a field trip to Lawrence Elementary School

Puppies are now just about to open their eyes and I decided to stop into an Elementary school.  I had an idea.  I wasn't sure if it would fly, so to speak, however, it was worth a shot.  I talked to the gal at the front desk and told her I have a litter of pups that are destined to be Service Dogs for Children.  I told them about the Train Theme.  I told them I thought it would be fun if we had a school class help us name four of the puppies.  Boy, did that generate some excitement! Judy (front desk) talked to another gal and then they talked with another gal.  The whole time the office was abuzz with puppy talk! They were thrilled! It was a done deal.  I received a  phone call later stating that the class had been chosen and it wa a go.  So, on Tuesday we - Thanks Mom for the help - we packed up the four puppies and headed off for their first day of school.  From the time we took the pups out of the car until the time we put the pups back into the car it was non-stop attention and socialization time.  I couldn't explain in this section how valuable this school time was with this classroom of kids.  They were on the edge of their seats waiting for us.  When we walked into the classroom with our puppies in the basket, the sounds of excitement were everywhere! The write on/off board was FULL of puppy names they had chosen.  This had been a full class the teacher - Miss Laurey Mattox - had given the students.  What a learning experience to have the opportunity to name four Service Dog puppies.  We had the kids sit on the floor in a circle and we passed the puppies around after a little time of enjoyment on the laps.  Each child had the chance to hold each puppy.  The adults had as great a time as the kids did.  After holding the puppies for a while, everyone getting their time, it was time to name the puppies.  One by one they kids picked and deleted names from the board until it was all chosen.  The names the kids chose were: Snowflake for the little yellow girl, Naish for the little black boy, Shadow for the other little black boy and Lexi for the little black girl.  It was hard to leave the classroom when it was time and the kids were sad also.  I must say that Miss Mattox did a terrific job with the kids.  She is very patient and still very firm and expected the kids to use their manners.  Not much different from what we do with the dog training.  Great job with naming the puppis Lawrence Elementary, third grade class!

The next page will have the pictures, please check it out.  KIDS: you will have the ability to follow the puppies paths by checking into and seeing where the puppy is at with his/her training.  Pictures as they grow up will be here also. 

Again, Thanks goes to the staff of Lawrence for allowing Klassi Kritters Assistance Dogs to come in and help us socialize puppies!


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