Klassi Kritters

Klassi pups go to school Pictures



The kids loved having the puppies come and visit.  They named the puppies Snowflake, Naish, Shadow and Lexi.  Laurey (the Teacher) had not been told about the Train Theme so we tweeked the names a bit to fit into the theme.  It was so much fun!

I was very impressed with the work this class did preparing for this visit.  They only had a short advance notice.  The kids were very well bahaved and were very careful with the puppies.  


Plans have been made for the next litter to visit also!




                                           Nothing like Puppies!



 This was a great learning experience for me and the kids!



The puppies will be updated on the website for the kids to keep track of.  From little Kritters here to Adults serving their kid partner. 

Truly Klassi Kritters!




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