Klassi Kritters

Klassi Kritters would like to give special THANKS to the following:

1. I have recently received a gift that will tremendously help.  It would be impossible to say enough Thanks.  At this time, I am leaving this as an anonymous giver.  You have given me much more than you think you gave me.  I am overwhelmed!


2. Arline Larson for the making of the dog vests, collars and leashes.  Without you, I couldn't do this work.  Thanks for the help! 


3. Echter's Greenhouse for allowing us to bring our pets in and take pictures, socialize the puppies and work the dogs. You have a gorgeous greenhouse and we love to bring the dogs in.  We really appreciate the help! 


4. Meridee and Ed Cecil for raising and training KKAD Kruizin Kruizer.  Kruizer is now ready to venture to his permanent home with his partner. He will be a Service Dog.  Check out Kruizer's blog at:               Kruisersjournal.blogspot.com   


5. Ed Cecil for making and donating a new whelping box for Kando this year.  It is beautiful and we can't THANK you enough.


6. Sam Juarez for all the help with the website and a ton of other things.  I appreciate the help tremendously.


7. Roxanne Juarez for the help while Kando gave birth.  I appreciated the help with the birthing and the newborns! It was a fun venture and I am excited about this litter.  Also Thanks Ray for your help with the pups. 


8.  Roxanne.  There is not enough Thanks in this world for all of the help you have given me and the pups.  We all THANK you.  You have been a huge part of the development and success of these little kritters future.  Thank You.



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