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Success stories of clients and their pets.

Maggie  (Irish Setter field bred)

We are the proud parents of a 5 year old field setter named Maggie.  She is lively and crazy, and very devoted and loveable.  When we first got her, I thought I was going to pull my hair out.  The lively, crazy part of her was impossible to train.  She was so excitable that we were about to give up on her.  Luckily for all of us, we met Deborah at a dog show in Denver and she told us she could help.  We started obedience lessons right away.  She helped us to understand Maggie better and how to work with her in a way that she would respond.  Deborah has a gift with animals for understanding them and working with their individual characteristics.  She is gentle and kind in her training, which was important to us.  After 2 months of training, Maggie was so much easier to work with.  We are grateful that Deborah could help us.  Maggie has become our all time favorite dog largely because of her help.
Dana, Daniell, and Allie Boom

Aslyn (Gordon Setter)

 Kirah training Aslyn (Gordon Setter) at Sportsmans Warehouse.  Working on  'stay' with distractions.  Aslyn was young when we began classes.  Aslyn has grown up to be a wonderful addition to the family and a great pet.  Aslyn really loves Kirah, see his leg over Kirah's?       



As seen on the online support group:




I just wanted to pass on some information to anyone interested in getting a service dog.  We're so happy to be bringing one of these amazing animals home for my son Matthew.


Kruizer, a year old yellow Lab, has been specially trained as an autism dog and will help with things like meltdowns ( he’s trained to go up and nuzzle Matthew when he's agitated), help him stay on task by bringing Matthew his clothes and other things to him instead of me having to verbally remind him all the time, and he'll even wake Matthew up in the morning.


My son is so very excited and is enjoying the training work we’re doing.  He’s now showing a big interest in dog behavior and training techniques. During one session in a nearby mall, he even noticed an added perk.  Some teenage girls came up to him, gushing about how cute his dog was.  Matthew grinned from ear to ear saying that his dog was really going to come in handy in a couple of years when he was ready for all this female attention. 


We know Kruizer will be a wonderful companion and a good social bridge for Matthew.  He is so calm, gentle and well trained.  Just his presence will also help to reduce anxiety.  We're planning on him going to school with Matthew to help with transitioning into the new school year.


The name of the organization that is giving us Kruizer is Klassi Kritters and the owner is awesome!  Her name is Deborah Larson.  Her dog is having puppies sometime in the next week or so and I think she'll be looking for families to place some of them with.  You can email her at klassikritters@comcast.net.



Mom to Matthew







Karen Martiny Animal Rescue of the Rockies - ARR

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to tell you how much I admire and appreciate Deborah Larson and her work.  Not only is she a wonderful dog trainer, but Deborah goes the extra mile to help humans, too!  Her service dog program provides wonderful companions for extraordinary people who benefit from the special bond only a dog can provide.  A well-trained service dog companion can truly transform the life of a special needs child or adult - bringing joy, love, and increased self esteem.

I first met Deborah several years ago in my work with animal rescue.  As president of Animal Rescue of the Rockies, I meet many dogs that are “behaviorally challenged,” as we like to say.  Usually through no fault of their own, these dogs have been shuffled around, sometimes mistreated, and generally misunderstood.  Deborah is able to increase their confidence, teach them to look to their humans for direction, and become happy family dogs.

Deborah has a knack for understanding what goes on in a dog’s mind, and with gentle but firm guidance, she helps them feel safe and secure.  Mica, for example, is a sweet, friendly pit bull we pulled from a shelter to save her from being put down.  She was adopted by a family with 2 other dogs and 2 small children.  Mica started showing signs of bossiness, and we asked Deborah for help.  As it turned out, Mica just needed some guidance from her family to show her what was expected of her.  Deborah pinpointed the problem right away and assured the family that Mica was a good dog.  The family implemented Deborah’s training suggestions and it’s been smooth sailing ever since for their household.

I highly recommend Deborah’s expertise and skill to anyone who is experiencing “dog” difficulties.  She’ll help both you and your dog understand what’s needed to enjoy a happy, healthy relationship together.

Karen Martiny, President
Animal Rescue of the Rockies


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