Klassi Kritters

Klassi Kritters Volunteer Opportunities

Klassi Kritters Assistance Dogs has openings for Puppy Raiser Families. This is a very rewarding position that requires you raise the puppy from about 8 weeks of age to roughly 1 year to 1.5 years old. House training, manners, obedience, public manners are the basics of puppy raising.  Anywhere else you can take a Service Dog in Training, such as classes, schools, church, meetings, grocery store, shopping, theatre, movies are some of the training locations that you can and should take the puppy to. Puppy Raisers are a very valued part of the Assistance Dog program.  Please write for an application for Puppy Raiser. 


Klassi Kritters Assistance Dogs has an opening for the fund raiser position. Please write for additional information or to apply. 


Klassi Kritters Assistance Dogs and Pet Rescue is looking for a printer willing to donate printing of brochures and business cards.


Klassi Kritters Pet Rescue is looking for quality foster homes for surrendered pets. Please write for foster application. 


Please write, call or forum for other volunteer Opportunities.


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